Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Funny Customers

Calling them 'funny' is an understatement. They are really weird!! I am sure you have come across such customers...
THE NO SHOW - Customer ordered some stuffs online and decided to self collect. Fixed appointment and did not turn up. Did not even tell me she is not coming!!
THE NO SHOW PART TWO - Another customer fixed appointment to buy some stuff from me, claim proudly that she is going to buy 'loads of stuff'. On the day of appointment, surprise, surprise. She did not turn up and did not even bother to tell me she is not coming!!
THE DELAY AND DISAPPEAR - Customer ordered some stuffs from my online shop. When asked to pay, she says she is coming to collect but did not say when. When asked again a few days later, yes, she said she is coming and will tell me when. And then...she disappeared...
I really don't understand the attitude of people nowadays, at least can tell me whether they are coming or not right?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BIG Day!!

Wow! What a day! I am tired!
The day started with the packing and mailing out of a BIG mail order. (ok lah, to me it is big, don't know about you). Then, the rush to prepare and take lunch before my first workshop of the day at 2.30pm. Before my lesson ended, a BIG customer came, (I don't mean size) and I have to look into her needs.
After a short tea break (yes, tea break at 6pm), I resume my evening workshop with 4 students, luckily, my room is BIG enough.
Everything also BIG BIG BIG...that means wallet also BIG right??

Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup is almost over!!!

Cheers...the World Cup is almost over. Hooray!!! Jump for joy!! (Just trying to irritate my husband)
Yes...the World Cup affects almost everyone, doesn't it? I never like soccer and I can never understand why so many people are crazy enough to watch 22 people chasing after a ball!! But that doesn't mean I wasn't affected for the past month.
My crazy hubby watched most of the matches and even some at 2.30am. There goes my beauty sleep. Although he is kind enough to turn the volume down and not shout 'GOALLLLLL!' in the middle of the night, I still couldn't sleep. I don't know why. It meant that I followed his weird cycle of sleep late, wake up late, sleep late, wake up late...I know soccer fans are going to hate me but I will be glad life goes back to normal after July 11

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Time Flies

Do you realise it is already July??? Half of 2010 is over! SO FAST?!
Do you remember what resolution you made at the start of 2010? Don't be surprise if you have not achieved many of them. For me? I never make new year resolutions. Why? Is it because I won't achieve them too? It is just not my nature to plan or make resolutions. Everyday, I just go with my gut feel and do what I need for the day. Well, it worked for me so far, so why change? Is that why I am not rich and successful? 'Rich and successful' are subjective and differs from person to person. S$1000 may be a household income for some while some will spend it all on one dress! Yes ONE dress.
Oops...doing so much thinking today...but it is a nice cool weather now...and a Saturday...perfect for a nap. Too bad, I have to conduct a lesson now...