Friday, August 27, 2010

So Much Stash! (loose beads)

Ever wonder what to do with your stash? (also known as loose beads, leftover etc). I mean, shops don't sell you 1 lobster clasp, 2 junp rings, 2 crimp beads, 5 3mm beads, 6 4mm beads and so on that you need for your single project. (I don't too, ha). So you are going to have plenty of leftovers.

Firstly, you would need to organise them. Buy boxes or containers (yes, spend more money) to keep them. Label them so that you will be able to find them easily. Or, if you are like me, don't bother to organise them, just dump them together and yet still able to find something when you need them.

Secondly, be creative, you can use them for your next project. More often then not, you will end up short of certain type of beads, and you will need to buy some more, and yes, add to your stash. (heeheehee)

In short, you will need a huge space for your favourite hobby, so be sure to negotiate with your family members and tell them you need more space!!

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